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Lillafured (Miskolc-Lillafüred) is a town in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary. Officially it is a part of Miskolc, actually it is almost 12 kilometres away from the city, in the Bükk Mountains. Lillafüred is a popular tourist resort.

The Castle of Diosgyor is a medieval castle in the historical town of Diósgyőr which is now part of the Northern Hungarian city Miskolc. The first castle of Diósgyőr was built probably in the 12th century and was destroyed during the Mongol invasion (1241–42).

The Lillafüred Forest Train is a narrow-gauge tourist railway in Hungary. The railway opened as the Lillafüredi State Forest Railway in 1920. It originally carried freight only (mainly wood from the forests of the Bükk Mountains) but a passenger service was introduced in the third year of operation.

Miskolc Zoo and Cultural Park opened on 20th August 1983. Our zoo is located in a 21 hectare hornbeam-oak forest connected to the Bükk National Park, this way we can also present the rich flora and fauna of the Bükk Mountains.

The Wooden Church is a church in Miskolc, Hungary. It is built of carved wood. The present building was built in 1999 in place of the previous one that was destroyed by arson in 1997.

Miskolc-Avas TV Tower is a 72 metre tall TV tower with an observation deck on the Avas hill in Miskolc, Hungary. The Avas TV Tower was designed by Miklós Hófer and György Vörös, and was built in 1966 in place of a wooden lookout tower.

The Kazinczy Street Synagogue of Miskolc is the only surviving synagogue in the city of Miskolc, Hungary, and the only still functioning synagogue of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county.

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and its Liturgical Museum can be found in the Downtown of Miskolc The church was built between 1785 and 1806 in Zopf style. Its furniture is also in Zopf style, from the late 18th century.

Tournament Field provides a venue for events as to equestrian shows and to host different events and concerts. Nearby is the “Market Place” of the Castle in front of the Tournament Field. The Market Place offering the general services, …