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The Ottó Herman Museum is the largest museum of Miskolc, Hungary. It has more than 600,000 artifacts. Its main focus is on archaeology, mineralogy, arts, history and ethnography. History. The museum was founded in 1899 under the name Borsod-Miskolcz Museum (Borsod is the historical county whose capital is …

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and its Liturgical Museum can be found in the Downtown of Miskolc The church was built between 1785 and 1806 in Zopf style. Its furniture is also in Zopf style, from the late 18th century.

The Castle of Diósgyőr is a medieval castle in the historical town of Diósgyőr which is now part of the Northern Hungarian city Miskolc. The first castle of Diósgyőr was built probably in the 12th century and was destroyed during the Mongol invasion (1241–42).

Ottó Herman Museum Exhibition Building – Miskolc. Address: 3530, Miskolc Papszer utca 1. Phone number: (46) 346-875. E-mail: … The treasures, most of it from the old flourishing civilisation of India, were kept and enriched for over one millennia in the Himalayans. But Tibet is unique for something else, too.

Museum of Theatre History and Performing Arts – the favourite Museum of the Summer 2015. The theatre with the longest history of today’s Hungary is the Miskolc National Theatre, and the history and careers of its actors are documented and displayed at the Museum of Theatre …